The Company

Zagonis & Co company was founded in 1980. In fact, it constitutes the evolution of K. Zagonis company which was presented in the Greek market back from 1965 and which main business field was the marketing of professional mechanical equipment and industrial washing-machines and dryers for hospital units, hotels etc.

The continuous and incessant presence of the K. Zagonis company's founder, is pledge for our company deep knowledge on the business.

The second generation is represented by George Zagonis, the son of the original founder and the current CEO of the company. With the vigor and the disposal that characterizes younger people and with the help of a specialized staff who work on marketing and technical support sector, Zagonis & Co continue to provide high level services to its customers, based on the triptych Reliability, Responsibility and Prospect.

During its past years presence on this business field, Zagonis & Co company has developed collaborations and represents the most popular American and European mechanical equipment industries that manufacture washing-machines, washers, dryers, ironing tables, presses, feeders, folding machines, marking systems, and auxiliary materials and equipment.


Large hotel units are included among our customers as well as industrial washing machines, dry cleaners, hospitals, sailing companies, restaurants, hairdresses, camping, institutions, etc, a fact that proves our company's continuing ascendant progress and establishes it as a leading one on laundry business sector in our country.

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