Dry Cleaning Machinery from 8 to 60 Kgr
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Closed circuit dry cleaning machinery, made in Italy
The series includes models with loading capacity from 8 to 60
Electro-thermal and steam-thermal offered with 2 or 3 reservoirs
and a large variety of cleaning filters.
They are designed and manufactured with absolute respect to
the environment.
They allocate short wash cycles for high performance and offer
leading quality of garment cleaning.
Capable for cleaning the most sensitive clothing, as leathers,
silk, linens etc.
Technical Information
Functional and flexible computer
Manual operated possibilty.
Self-cleaning solvent tanks.
Safety reservoir for protection, in the case of solvent leakage.
Big size distiller for a more rapid and economic distillation.
Double filter protection for the dryer tube.
Ecological self-cleaning nylon or active carbon filters.
Control instruments for the refrigeration system.
Water saving system.
All of the machine's functional parts are manufactured from
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